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Our Focus

Local, small batch, artisanal code.
Web Apps

Bagler IT builds robust web applications that are secure, reliable and scalable, and that leverage development best practises with the rigour of seasoned professional software developers.

Responsive Sites

Bagler IT builds rock-solid, responsive web sites. We develop using a number of content management systems and frameworks but specialize in developing with Drupal including using the Government of Canada's WET Kit.

Modules & Plugins

Bagler IT develops modules, plug-ins and components for platforms and CMSs such as Drupal, Wordpress, Laravel. We also build completely custom components to integrate with existing systems.


Bagler IT provides PHP and Drupal training for both beginners as well as experiences developers learning PHP and Drupal for the first time.

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About US

We're committed to quality, that means using industry standards and best practices for coding and project management.
We're passionate about programming.

After working in creative agencies building web products where development rigour and best practises took a backseat to shiny, pretty and asap, I started Bagler IT for clients who required web products that not only looked great but functioned great too.

That's why Bagler IT puts a premium on building things the right way. We use industry recognized best practises for both coding and project management, and we're always conscious of performance, security and accessibility requirements.

We love programming, and we love solving problems. You deserve a better website and Bagler IT is here to help.

Dave Bagler, owner of Bagler IT Inc.

Dave Bagler - Owner, Bagler IT


We're flexible and willing to work something out with you, here's the four most common ways we get paid.


/ hr
  • Billed by the second, no rounding up
  • No minimum purchase
  • Same quality of work as the pricier options
  • Can roll hourly time into a project


/ Day
  • Up to 10 students
  • Customized curriculum
  • On site, willing to travel
  • Take home manual
  • Fun & informative


and up
  • Agile managed, pay per sprint
  • Automated tests
  • Detailed deployment plan
  • Available service contracts
  • Customized training

Let's talk

  • You've got the next Twitter, just need someone to code?
  • We're open to joint venture and equity arrangements, but we're selective and it's a case-by-case sort of thing.


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